Thinking of moving to Seattle? This city can be a marvel to behold, nestling between the Olympic Mountain and Cascade ranges along the shores of Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. Its natural beauty is awe-inspiring. But that isn’t a good enough reason to settle down there. It’s just not for everyone! The lack of sunlight causes some newcomers to spiral into depression.

Here are the pros and cons of Seattle.


Beautiful Summers

This northwestern city has some of best summers in the country – dry and warm, with low humidity and lots of sunshine. Summertime is THE time to feast your eyes on the San Juan Islands and other natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

No Income Tax

Income tax is not charged in the state of Washington, but you do have to pay sales tax.

Marijuana is Legal

You can buy and smoke weed in Seattle legally, just not in public (not that it doesn’t happen to people).


Horrible Winters

Seattle doesn’t have extreme cold or rain, but it is extremely gloomy.

Chilly locals

The weather has affected locals’ dispositions, making them come across as unfriendly. If you’re coming from the South or even the Midwest, you might find your new neighbors and coworkers to be somewhat reserved. This is only the first impression though – if you make an effort to get to know Seattleites, you’ll find they’re actually quite nice.

Alcohol is Really Pricey

Washington State residents are charged the highest overall price per liter of liquor of any state due to the high taxes on liquor (in part).

Traffic is Terrible

As a rule of thumb, add around an hour to your travel time in the afternoon on weekdays. Traffic during rush hour in this city is solid, especially on the main north-south road through the city, the I-5.

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